Commercial solar

If your business can afford to pay its electricity bills, it can afford the cost of commercial solar power.

If you are doing Business, Solar is the best way to reduce your electricity cost without impact your day to day operations.

Electricity prices consistently have risen over decades and have never looked to be any cheaper. As a business and company essentially, you would prefer that your expenses are invested into a department that would contribute to the growth of the business itself. Energy is a huge factor in any company as it allows for day to day operations to be functional. Solar energy is the x-factor that will allow companies to achieve those day to day operations and contribute to the community as a whole.


Why Choose SOLAR?
  • Solar is a free source of energy; we just need to capture that potential and convert it into electricity. Meaning companies would not need to rely on the electricity grid as often as they would to power the company.
  • To capture such vast amounts of energy a company would require advanced technology, Solar Nexus would provide these services.
  • Government Rebates have been put into place to encourage the use of solar energy, this would allow not only to save money but to also open the door to sell electricity and make money.

Sydney Solar Tech has several experts to assist with the design and installation of the company’s solar system needs. Our solar experts will design and install the system that will maximise energy intake for the company itself.